The D Attack Ace fire hose is a low pressure loss hose to which very strong aramid fibre has been applied.
This hose is highly resistant to cuts, abrasion, flames, and heat, and it reduces the pressure loss by up to 50% while watering.


Note: The “D” of D Attack Ace derives from Dolphin (D Attack Ace belongs to the Dolphin series)


  • Very strong aramid fibre (10%) is applied to the jacket 
  • Resin-coated, smooth inner surface
  • Outer coating: Special surface treatment against flames and heat
  • Self-Protecting Lining: Microscopic leaks in the hose protect it from fire

    (When the water line is pressurized and the hose is subject to a certain amount of heat, that portion is transformed into a wet fire hose.)


  • pressure loss reduction up to 50% while watering
  • high resistance to nicks/cuts and abrasions

  • flame proofing, heat resistance and abrasion resistance

  • high resistance from heat by self-wetting lining 

Standard length

  • up to 20 metres
  • can be customized

Standard colour

  • 9 different colours available

Technical Information / Specification

*Number = Diameter (mm)
*Number = Diameter (mm)


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