The water curtain is able to block the radiant heat generated by a fire and prevents fire spread.

Its superior characteristics enable the hose to cool adjacent buildings and prevent them from exposure to fire.

Importantly, this high cooling performance can also be applied to secure an evacuation route or to cool hazardous materials.


Jacket: polyester
Lining: synthetic resin

High-pressure water jets are generated by nozzles spaced at 30 cm intervals

  • even low water pressures are able to provide a water curtain between 6 to 8 m in height
  • effective heat and fire blocking capacity regardless number of staff
  • flexible and easy handling regardless of ground conditions
  • simple and quick set-up
Standard Length
  • 20 metres
  • can be customized within 20 metres
Standard Colour
  • blue
Anti-Twist Hose Holder
  • avoids twisting of the hose
  • ensures an ideal hose routing and a fully vertical water curtain
  • freestanding
  • material: aluminum
    lightweight: 500 g/piece
  • 2 pieces required/hose
Technical Information / Specification

Working pressure: 1.3 MPa is applied to the original hose (before processing holes and attaching nozzles)

*Number = Diameter (mm)
*Number = Diameter (mm)

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