Ashimori has extensive experience providing advanced safety solutions to protect occupants in the case of accidents.
Since 1962 we have focused on the development and production of innovative automotive safety systems, such as seat belts, to ensure the best possible protection for passengers.

In 1967, Ashimori was the first company in Japan to obtain the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) approval for its automotive seat belt brand, "Auto Friend", followed by approvals for strict international safety standards.


We steadily expanded our range of safety products with child and airbag restraint systems completing our advanced solutions, and made Ashimori an internationally renowned supplier of Total Restraint Systems.


Now with almost 60 years’ experience manufacturing seat belts, Ashimori continues to expand its portfolio with a strong emphasis on innovation, increased safety and improved comfort.


Ashimori started developing airbags in 1986, and began mass production in 1989.


Today, our range covers various types of airbag systems such as driver airbags, passenger airbags, side airbags, curtain/window airbags and far side airbags.



Use of the world’s most advanced hydraulic collision test system (sled collision simulation system) enables us to design and tune the airbag systems for each individual vehicle.

Airbag systems require the highest levels of integration and harmonisation of the most advanced technologies in the fields of fibre, chemistry, electro-techniques, electronics, control, mechanics and electric sensor.