We are continuously investing in research & development and aiming to further expand into new business areas by creating products that provide safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Ashimori has developed products ranging from fibre/resin/metal composites to complete systems by deploying and combining the four core techniques:

•    braiding/weaving
•    resin (coating) processing
•    winding/fastening
•    inflating

Our company is flexibly responding to today’s rapidly changing safety requirements and changes in mobility and we are constantly enhancing our automotive safety products for the future.  
To achieve this goal, Ashimori uses advanced data analysis methods with data from high-precision test equipment, analysis based on computer simulations as well as relevant market data with the latest user feedback.


Ashimori has always been committed to applying state-of-the-art collision technology for safety improvement and to ensure high quality. Our experience in testing the performance of safety products with advanced testing systems dates back to 1962 when we began to manufacture seat belts.  
In 1999 we introduced the world’s largest hydraulic-powered crash test machine for carrying out a range of collision simulations.
In 2005 we equipped our crash test machine with state-of-the-art control units and it became the world’s most advanced crash test system that allowed us to run even more precise collision simulations and conduct more advanced processing of crash test data.


Ashimori is constantly investing in improving and further developing testing methods by applying the latest technologies to develop the next generation of car occupant restraint systems.